september ’17 ● playlist

playlist september

Hello hello, so a few days ago I went to Trier and it was amazing! The weather was the best you can have at a trip like this and the area was sO beautiful! The trees were green, red and yellow all at once, really autumn-ish.

Since I’m a sucker for indie songs, singer-songwriters and bands, I’m always discovering new music on Spotify (mostly). I really felt the need to put all the nice and good songs into a little playlist, so that is exactly what I did. How ironically, the playlist is called ‘september ’17’, while it’s already the 3rd of October today 🙂 But I’ll keep adding songs to this playlist, mostly cozy, calm indie music (and maybe, maaaaaybe some Ziggy Alberts, because I may or may not be a little obsessed with him lately). You can literally listen to this playlist all day long, for example when you just woke up and drinking your cup of coffee, when you’re making homework or just to relax and calm down a bit.

Here’s the playlist (link):

(Happy October/autumn! xoxo <3)

september ’17 ● playlist

rose series ● photography

Hey y’all (lol kidding I still don’t have any visitors, but ya know)! Today. I finished my Chemistry test, and boy, am I happy about that. In the afternoon, I kind of went to work (yea, kind of, if that makes sense) and drew a bit. Tomorrow morning, I’m going to Trier, a city in Germany, for three days as I learn Greek at school. I can’t wait!! It actually feels like a little holiday trip for me 🙂

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rose series ● photography

Well, hello there

Well, hello there! First of all: thank you for visiting my blog! I’ve had lots and lots of blogs through the years, but this year I kind of quit blogging. I don’t exactly know why, maybe because I couldn’t find time for it. Also, my family and everyone I know were following me, which put a kind of pressure on me and made me feel like I couldn’t share too personal things. But here I can! Nobody’s following me yet (ha!) and nobody knows I have this blog. This sounds so secretive haha, but it’s just like: a totally fresh start.

By the way, I’m Dutch, so it could be that I make some terrible grammar mistakes, I’m really sorry in advance!

I should be studying for chemistry right now, so I’ll upload this (very first!!) article and start doing some homeowork. I need to adjust some things on my blog and I’ll update my sidebar a little bit as well, and then I can proudly say I have my own blog again!

My next post will be up soon,

Thank you for reading and never hesitate to send me a message or leave a comment,



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Whee, this is me. In a big, autumn-ish sweater. I adore autumn! ❤
Well, hello there